The Government Digital Service (GDS) is in the process of factoring a number of Registers - defined as current and reliable lists of information.

A recent demonstration of the Country Register gave me pause for thought. An example of a form with a 'country of birth' select element and the country "Czechoslovakia" selected was used to illustrate the demonstration. Given that "Czechoslovakia" has not existed as a country for over two decades, I wondered how such a register might handle information that changes over time, which led me to build this small proof-of-concept.

The demonstration below uses the 'date of birth' to populate the select options with values that are valid for the given date. To use, just change the date and refresh the options.

Disclaimer: the accuracy of the data in this example is not guaranteed

# iso known as officially existed
1(CZ) BohemiaKingdom of Bohemia1198-01-01 to 1918-10-27
4(CZ) CzechiaThe Czech Republic1993-01-01 to -
2(CZ) CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovak Republic1918-10-28 to 1968-12-31
3(CZ) CzechoslovakiaThe Czech Socialist Republic1969-01-01 to 1993-12-31
5(GM) GambiaGambia Colony and Protectorate1821-01-01 to 1965-02-17
6(GM) GambiaThe Islamic Republic of The Gambia1965-02-18 to -
7(RU) RussiaRussian Empire1721-10-27 to 1917-09-13
8(RU) RussiaRussian Republic1917-09-14 to 1917-11-05
9(RU) RussiaRussian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic1917-11-06 to 1922-12-29
10(RU) RussiaThe Soviet Union1922-12-30 to 1991-12-24
11(RU) RussiaThe Russian Federation1991-12-25 to -